Signia Active earbud HEARING Aid

Everyone is talking about Signia Active, an award-winning earbud hearing aid that can be custom programmed and worn right out of the box.

Signia Active represents a new way to deliver hearing healthcare directly to your doorstep without the need to visit an audiology clinic.

  • Free 4-week trial
  • No upfront payment*
  • Purchased as a pair
  • Shipped direct to your home
  • Free TeleHealth consultations
  • 3-years warranty
  • Interest free, Buy now, Pay later with Humm
  • Eligible for Health Fund rebate

* Terms and conditions apply.

What Is Signia Active

Signia Active is an award-winning hearing device developed and designed by one of the world’s largest hearing technology companies. Its award-winning earbud design make it easy to use and comfortable to wear. All day battery life and portable charging case ensures your hearing stays active.

State-of-the-art Hearing Technology
Signia uses Xperience YourSound sound processing technology built on revolutionary acoustic-motion so you always hear what matters, with ease.

Stay Connected
Enjoy listening to phone calls, music and more with direct Bluetooth streaming from your Apple devices.  Android requires StreamLine Mic for streaming.

TeleHealth Care
Signia Active is supported by remote TeleHealth tuning by an Audiologist via your Signia APP so your device can be tuned to your hearing needs and changes.

In-situ Hearing Checks
The Signia Active device is so smart the audiologist can check your hearing via your Signia Active device.

Active Models
Signia Active is available in two models and performance level:

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1. Is Signia Active a hearing aid?
Signia Active and Active Pro are hearing aids with state-of-the-art hearing technology that enhances speech while at the same time keeping other environmental sounds comfortable and natural.

2. Who is Signia Active for?
Signia Active and Active Pro is suitable for people who have difficulty hearing in groups, requires the TV louder than others, complain people sound like they mumble, or have been told by others to get a hearing test. Signia Active and Active Pro can be tuned to suit hearing losses ranging from mild to moderate.

3. Do I need a hearing test before ordering an at home trial?
No, you do not need to have a hearing test before you commence a home trial. An audiologist can remotely perform an In-Situ hearing test with Signia Active or Active Pro to accurately tune the settings to your hearing.

If you have a copy of your previous hearing test, you can send that to us. This will help the Audiologist tune Signa Active or Active Pro before shipping to you.

4. Do I need a smartphone?
Yes. An Apple or Android smartphone is necessary for remote TeleHealth tuning of the device.

5. Will an Audiologist tune Signia Active to my hearing?
Yes, each Signia Active and Signia Active Pro hearing aid is professionally tuned by an audiologist to ensure the device is suitable for your hearing loss.

6. Is there ongoing aftercare support?
Yes. Totalcare Hearing provides TeleHealth support for Signia Active and Active Pro devices. Like any hearing aids, Signia Active will require fine tuning overtime, including firmware updates.

There is the option to visit one of our Sydney clinics (fees apply) in person if you choose or require it.

7. Can I claim health rebate?
Yes. As the Signia Active and Active Pro is professionally tuned by an audiologist, you can send your receipt to your health fund for a rebate. Check with your health fund to find out what audiology rebates are available to you.