Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are a custom prescription, so what works for one person will not have the same result for another.  There are many factors our audiologists will consider when recommending a product. These include, but not limited to:


Hearing Aid Styles

Modern hearing aids are available in a number of styles from in-the-ear to those that sit on the back of the ear.  Devices these days are small, discreet and available in a wide range of colours and have come a long way from the big, bulky beige models of the past!

See Hearing Aid Styles page for more detailed information.

Hearing Aid Performance

Performance, or technology level is what determines not only how expensive hearing aids get but also what is bested suited to your lifestyle.  Are you working, a student or retired?  Are you socially active and regularly visit cafes, restaurants or attend clubs and meetings.  Or, do you live a quieter life?

See Hearing Aid Performance page for more information.

Hearing Aid Technology

Technology within a hearing aid not only varies from product to product, but also by brand to brand.  Do you require hearing aids that have Wireless and Bluetooth capability? Ability to connect to your Smartphone, TV and other sound sources through accessories?  Do you want to have additional control of your hearing aid via a phone App? These are all considered by our audiologist when they recommend a hearing aid product.

Latest hearing aids


Signia Styletto, a slim, modern and beautifully designed hearing device suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Available at the LOWEST PRICE IN AUSTRALIA at Totalcare Hearing. Find out more here.


Worlds first smart hearing aid that learns about your hearing and environment and automatically adjusts to your surrounding. Find out more here.


No more fiddly battery changes every 5-10 days.  Just place your rechargeable hearing aid in the recharging case at night for a full days hearing plus more. Learn more about rechargeable aids here.


Is the latest hearing aid with up to date technology available fully funded for pensioners and veterans under the OHS programFind out more here.


At Totalcare Hearing, our audiologists are experienced across all range and models of hearing aids from leading manufacturers. They will recommend a hearing aid based on what is the best fit for you, from your hearing loss, lifestyle and requirement.

Even though all brands offer the same style, the technology can differ greatly.  Some brands are better for a sloping, high-frequency loss, others better for low-frequency loss. Accessories, wireless connection and phone Apps also operate differently brand-to-brand.