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Adult Hearing Test
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Adult Hearing Test

Hearing loss is a normal occurrence as we age, but for some, it is brought on by illness, health treatments and/or work and environment related noise exposure.
The first step in identifying if hearing loss has occurred is to undertake a simple hearing assessment at a clinic within soundproof conditions.
Medicare rebate now available for Audiology. See Rebate section.
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Why should an adult get their hearing tested
How is the adult hearing test performed

Adult Hearing Test Appointment

Our hearing assessment appointment is approx 30-60 minutes and includes hearing tests, ear examination, test result discussion and hearing aid advice if prescription is recommended.
Adult Hearing Tests conducted include, but not limited to:-
  • Pure Tone Threshold test - measures the auditory threshold of important frequencies of speech. Normal pure tone thresholds are at 20dB HL of better.
  • Bone Conduction Pure Tone test – measures your BC hearing thresholds and infers information. BC test used with AC test infers the nature of hearing loss – sensorineural or conductive.
  • Tympanometry test - is a quick test that will assess the function of the middle ear and if there is any fluid build up.
  • Tinnitus assessment - if you have experienced mid-long term tinnitus, our audiologist will conduct specialist tinnitus tests and assessment. See more about tinnitus here.
  • Speech test - is an essential part of a hearing aid assessment. Understanding the spoken word requires more auditory processing by the brain than simply detecting a pure tone. This test allows the audiologist to determine what outcomes can be expected from prescribing amplification with hearing aids and therefore determines a method of aural rehabilitation best suited for their client.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) test – OAE are specialised cochlear function tests to determine the function of the hearing sensory organ, the cochlea.
What are the results of a hearing test
What type of hearing aid would be prescribed
Fee: $170.00 to $219.55 (with OAE testing). Appointment approx 30-60 minutes for comprehensive test, consultation, and written report for medical referrals.  
See Rebate section for Medicare and Health Fund rebates.

Hearing Test for Pensioners and Veterans

Eligible pensioners and veterans receive a comprehensive hearing test and examination for FREE under the government funded Hearing Services program.  See pensioners and veterans for more information.
Fee: FREE. Appointment approx 60 minutes and includes comprehensive test, consultation and hearing aid discussion and prescription (if required).

Pre-employment Hearing Test

Some training institutions and employers request you have a hearing check before starting your course or employment to ensure you meet health and safety requirements. Our test includes the Pure Tone Threshold Tests to measure a baseline of your hearing threshold. Your pre-employment hearing test includes a report of your results.
Fee: $170.00-$219.55. Appointment approx 30 minutes, includes written report.
See Rebate section for Medicare and Health Fund rebates.

Industrial Hearing Loss Test (SIRA/Work Cover)

Totalcare Hearing provides industrial hearing loss assessment and hearing aid prescription under SIRA/Work Cover.
Fee: FREE, if you have a claim number for hearing loss assessment from SIRA. Appointment approx 60 minutes and includes written report.

Work Health Safety (WHS) Hearing Test

From 1 January 2024, NSW SafeWork states you must provide hearing tests for workers if your business requires workers to frequently use hearing protection as a control measure for noise that exceeds the exposure standard. This baseline hearing test is then followed up by monitoring employees hearing every two years (shorter for those exposed to loud noise).
Totalcare Hearing are conducting WHS hearing test and can book groups of employees in blocks to minimise disruption to your work days.
Contact us by completing the form to enquire about pricing and timing. Please state number of employees to be tested.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

APD is where a person can detect sounds at normal levels but cannot process and understand what they hear in the same way other people do. This is because their ears and brain don’t fully coordinate.
View Auditory Processing Disorder for more information and fees.


Medicare: Medicare rebate of $58.50 to $108.05 is available with most audiology (excluding wax removal) services with a medical referral. You must claim the rebate from Medicare directly.
Health Fund: HiCaps is not available, thus check with your Health Fund to see if audiology is covered under your policy. Receipt with the clinician’s provider number will be provided for you to claim the full cost on your health fund.
*Medicare rebate cannot be claimed if you are claiming the cost from your Health Fund provider.



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