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Product Image of Swim Plugs

Swim Plugs


Product Details

If you are a regular swimmer, custom made swim plugs will protect your ears from possible and reoccurring ear infections which can be caused by water and sand entering your ear canals regularly.

Swim plugs are also great for children who have grommets, glue ear or suffer consistent ear infection as it means they can continue their swim lessons and summer swims without interruption.

Our swim plugs are custom made, which means a more comfortable and water tight fit. They are manufactured to high standards and available in a range of colours. Left and right plugs are marked with colour so you can easily identify which plug goes in which ear.

Material - silicone. 

All custom ear plugs come with a 90-day manufacturers remake warranty.


$115 for a pair + $150.00 for your appointment. Pick up of plugs 12 days later.

*Colour of plugs can be selected at your appointment.*

Impression Appointment

Totalcare Hearing audiologist are experts in taking impressions for custom ear and hearing protection. Our impression appointment and consultation involves video otoscopy and basic ear wax removal in order to take the most precise ear impression.

Appointment Booking

Once your order is received, you will be contacted by your chosen clinic to book in an appointment.

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