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Product Image of Signia StreamLine Mic

Signia StreamLine Mic


Product Details

Compatible with Signia Nx, X, AX and IX family of hearing aids only.

The StreamLine Mic transforms Signia X and Nx hearing aids into a hands-free mobile headset and wireless headphones that stream premium stereo quality from any Bluetooth device – smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and smart assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Phone Calls

You can accept phone calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket. You can even make calls using voice commands. While streaming sound from your TV into your hearing aids via our StreamLine TV accessory, you can instantly take calls without having to turn off the TV sound manually.


Stream music, audiobooks and video audio directly into your hearing aids from any Bluetooth device.


StreamLine Mic also functions as a remote microphone to help in challenging hearing situations, such as crowded meetings, presentations, restaurants and cafes. You can stream a speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids from a distance of up to 20 meters. As a result, youhear the speaker as clearly as if he or she were standing right to you.

Pairing to Hearing Aids and SmartPhone

Pair StreamLine Mic with your hearing aids in three easy steps:

- Switch StreamLine Mic off and on
- Switch the hearing aids off and on
- Place both hearing aids next to StreamLine Mic (maximum distance: 20cm)

The pairing process starts automatically where the status display flashes yellow. As soon as pairing is complete, the status display turns yellow.

Pair StreamLine Mic with your Bluetooth device (e.g. smartphone) in three easy steps:

- Make sure that your device’s Bluetooth is on (via “settings” menu)
- Press StreamLine Mic’s multi-function button and “+” button simultaneously for about 6 seconds. The status display starts flashing blue. (You now have 3 minutes to finish pairing.)
- Click on “StreamLine Mic” in your device’s Bluetooth menu (if a PIN is requested, enter “0000”). As soon as pairing is complete, the status display turns blue.
- Pairing only needs to be performed once. Subsequently, the pairing activates as soon as the hearing aids, StreamLine Mic and Bluetooth device are switched on.

Technical requirements:
Bluetooth FW version 4.2 or newer

Custom Order

This product is custom ordered from the manufacturer to ensure product warranty of one year applies from date of our order. Thus, allow 7-10 days for the product to arrive at your shipping address.

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