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Pensioner and Veteran
Hearing Services

Eligible candidates can receive fully subsidised hearing services and full or partially subsidised hearing aids.

Pensioner and Veteran Hearing Services

If you are a pensioner or a veteran (DVA) with a current Australian government issued concession card, then you could be eligible for the government funded Hearing Services Program (HSP).  Once enrolled you can receive from fully funded to partially funded (top-up) hearing aid and hearing services which includes all your hearing appointments.
What is the government Hearing Services Program for Pensioners and Veterans
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Eligible Candidates

If you hold one of the cards below, you may be eligible for the HS program:
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession card
  • DVA Pensioner Concession card
  • DVA Gold Health Repatriation card
  • DVA White Health Repatriation card (for hearing loss)
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  • Member of the Australian Defence Force
Who is eligible for the Hearing Services Program

Hearing Test for Pensioners

If you are enrolled into the Hearing Services Program, your first appointment at our clinic is a hearing test and assessment.  At the hearing test appointment, your hearing will be fully evaluated and your ears examined.
Based on the results of your hearing test and discussion, prescription of hearing aids may be recommended if your hearing loss meets the threshold to benefit from amplification. 
Fee: FREE.  Hearing Test appointment is 60 minutes.  Pension or DVA card must be brought to the appointment to complete your Hearing Services Program application. 
Hearing Tests conducted include, but not limited to:-
  • Pure Tone Threshold test
    this test measures the auditory threshold of important frequencies of speech. Normal pure tone thresholds are at 20dB HL of better.
  • Tympanometry test
    is a quick test that will assess the function of the middle ear and if there is any fluid build up.
  • Tinnitus assessment
    if you experience tinnitus, our audiologist will conduct a tinnitus assessment.
  • Speech test
    is an essential part of a hearing aid assessment. Understanding the spoken word requires more auditory processing by the brain than simply detecting a pure tone. This test allows the audiologist to determine what outcomes can be expected from prescribing amplification with hearing aids and therefore determines a method of aural rehabilitation best suited for their client.
What hearing test is performed and what are the subsidies for hearing aids

Hearing Aid for Pensioners

Hearing aid cost for pensioners and veterans varies from fully subsidised to partially funded that incurs a top-up fee.  The option you select is based purely on your requirement and budget and our Audiologist will advise you about all options available and assist you with your decision.
Government subsidy for hearing aids is available every five years. Upgrade to your hearing aids before five years is for exceptional circumstances and can be discussed with your Audiologist.   

Cost: Free-to Client 

Free-to-Client hearing aids are devices that are fully subsidised, thus there is no out of pocket cost to you. The range of devices available in this category is limited to the entry level technology and available in styles ranging from in-the-ear to those worn behind the ear.
Free-to-Client hearing aid is still a great option as the benefits of wearing a hearing device to manage and lessen your hearing impairment vastly outweighs the reasons not to have one.    

Cost: Top-Up

Top-Up fee is the out of pocket cost once the government subsidy is applied to the retail cost of the hearing aid. The Top-Up fee can be reduced further by applying any Health Fund rebate you receive (see below for more info). 
The Top-Up fee option is for any device available in our full hearing aid portfolio which ranges from basic to premium technology with advanced features.  The style of hearing aid range is also greater, as it includes rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled, Apple/Android compatible through to discrete micro-devices worn in-the-canal to RIC devices worn on the ear.  

Health Fund Rebate

If you have a Health Fund with audiology cover, you can use your Health Fund rebate to further subsidise and reduce the cost of hearing aids.  

Hearing Aid Trial

Under the government Hearing Services Program you receive a two-week, no obligation take home trial of your hearing aid.  If at the end of your trial you are satisfied, you keep your device.  If you are not satisfied, just return it back to the clinic.  Your eligibility for hearing aids is still valid as long as you didn’t agree and approve keeping the hearing aid after your two-week trial. 

Latest Hearing Aid for Pensioners

To view the full range of hearing aid for pensioners, visit the Online Shop here. You can see options available from Free-to-Client to hearing aids with a Top-Up fee.



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