tinnitus – ringing ears

Tinnitus is a phantom sound that many people experience at some time in their lives. Often it is experienced as a buzzing or ringing sounds, and often tinnitus is described as a “ringing in the ears”. For most people, tinnitus does not cause any disturbance and they get use to it, sometimes it even goes away. However, for some people, tinnitus can be significant and interferes with daily life.

Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. People who experience hearing loss and tinnitus often find the tinnitus disturbing as it is more difficult to mask the tinnitus with the sounds around them.

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Managing Tinnitus

Healthy diet and exercise, like with many things, can be effective in reducing tinnitus. Triggers for exacerbating tinnitus include, caffeine, salt, alcohol, nicotine, stress, some medication and loud sound.

There is no treatment (pill) for tinnitus, but with counselling from an audiologist and possibly a hearing aid is the best treatment. Hearing aids improve hearing, reducing listening fatigue and tiredness and significantly reduces the disturbance level of tinnitus.

Consult an Audiologist

If you experience tinnitus we strongly recommend you consult an audiologist for a diagnostic hearing test and tinnitus assessment.

Fee: Tinnitus Assessment $170, appointment approx 60 minutes and includes hearing test, consultation and written report.

Tinnitus and Widex Zen™

A new therapy, the Widex Zen Therapy, is proven to help people who suffer from disturbing tinnitus. It consists of four components that can be tailored to your individually needs.

Provides you with information relevant to you and your tinnitus in order to help you change the negative interpretation of tinnitus.

Many of those who suffer from tinnitus also have hearing loss. Amplification can be used to stimulate the ears and brain to reduce the contrast between the surrounding sounds and the tinnitus. Hearing aids can be very effective in decreasing the perception of tinnitus.

Fractal tones
Fractal tones are designed to provide relaxation and may also be used as sound therapy tool. Music is believed to be helpful in reducing stress because of the wide range of neural structures that are activated.

Relaxation exercises and sleep management exercises are often efficient ways of bringing down the stress that often is a part of tinnitus.

The full range of Widex devices with Zen™ are available at Totalcare Hearing and can be trialed for two weeks without obligation.