About us

Totalcare Hearing has four audiology clinics, plus a visiting site clinic located across Sydney servicing the local community. Our team of highly qualified audiologists provide hearing loss assessment, consultation and professional clinical services to adults, pensioners, veterans and children.

We have more than 90 years collective patient practice, led by our lead audiologist and manager Michael Gordon.

Our audiologists are all members of the Audiology Society of Australia with accreditation to provide the government funded Office of Hearing Services program to veterans and pensioners.

Our audiologists keep their knowledge and skills current on the latest and modern hearing aid technology available so that they can share their knowledge, advice and support with you.

We have practical experience with the latest range of hearing aids from Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens Signia and Unitron.

Unlike many clinics, Totalcare Hearing Audiologists are not remunerated with commission based outcomes. This means we ensure our consultants give advice and service that takes into account hearing loss, lifestyle, health, budget, hearing outcomes and feedback from you. They are highly trained professionals who listen before advising.

We work with you to find an affordable solution that can improve your hearing.

Contact us today to have an assessment and a no-obligation discussion with our audiologist.  We offer a friendly, caring and supportive environment where we will answer your questions and work with you to improve your hearing.