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Care and

View our easy to follow videos and instructions on how to maintain and resolve minor issues with your hearing aids.

How to Care, Maintain and Trouble Shoot

Care and Maintenance

Hearing aids require regular care and maintenance to operate adequately and preserve their lifespan – after all, they’re housing delicate electronics and are worn on your person for long periods of time

Wax Filter Replacement

Each brand and style of hearing aid has its own specific wax filter. The process to replace the filter remains nearly the same across nearly all brands. See video below for example.
How to change wax filters in hearing aids
How to prevent wax building up in your hearing aid

Troubleshooting Problems

At times your hearing aid might not be working as well as it could be. The video and document lists common problems and workable solutions to get your hearing aids operational again before visiting the clinic.
Hearing aid not working? How to troubleshoot.



Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday, 9.00-5.00pm

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