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Product Image of Signia Insio ITC/ITE BT 2NX Top-Up

Signia Insio ITC/ITE BT 2NX Top-Up


Product Details

Signia 2NX is between an entry and essential level hearing aid offering great sound quality and features, whilst still at an affordable price.  This device at the subsidised price is for eligible pensioners, see below for more info. 

  • ITC / ITE, in ear style
  • Custom, in-ear hearing aid
  • Size 312 disposable battery
  • Bluetooth enabled for direct audio streaming
  • Push button to change program/volume
  • Directional microphone to focus on speech

Signia NX technology combines the natural sound of your own voice perfectly with all surrounding sounds. This lets you enjoy the most natural hearing experience and highest hearing performance.

Insio ITC/ITE contains directional microphone which improves speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you.

Hearing Services Program for Pensioners


The government funded Hearing Services Program is available to eligible pensioners and veterans.

Before purchasing these hearing aids, we need to check your eligibility to ensure you can receive this subsidised device.

You must also attend a minimum of one appointment in person to one of our five clinics for an assessment before hearing aids can be prescribed.   

Signia APP

The Signia myControl APP puts complete control of your Pure Charge & Go hearing aids at your fingertips. Available free for Apple and Android phones, the APP offers remote control options such as volume control, programs, etc, so you can personalise your hearing aids according to your individual preference with a touch of the screen.


Stream phone calls, audio and music directly to your hearing aid from an Apple device. For Android, streaming to hearing aid is via the additional StreamLine MIC accessory.

StreamLine TV (additional) feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality.  Via the Signia APP, you can then control and adjust the volume level without interrupting rest of the families listening experience.

MyHearing APP - TeleHealth option

The free myHearing App (iOS and Android) is utilised for TeleHealth to connect you to our audiologist whilst you're in the comfort of your home or work. You can receive help and advice including live remote tuning to find the optimal settings for your hearing aids while you’re in real-world situations.
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