Pensioner and Veteran funded hearing services

If you are a pensioner or a veteran with a current government issued concession card, then you are eligible for the government funded Office of Hearing Services (OHS) Program.  Once enrolled you can receive FULLY FUNDED hearing services which includes all your hearing appointments, including a FREE hearing test and consultation.

Eligible Candidates

If you hold one of the cards below,  you may be eligible for the OHS program:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession card
  • DVA Pensioner Concession card
  • DVA Gold Health Repatriation card
  • DVA White Health Repatriation card (for hearing loss)
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance
  • Member of the Australian Defense Force

How to Apply for the OHS Program

Step 1

Have your concession card at hand.

Step 2

Phone, or pop into your closest Totalcare Hearing clinic.  Our reception staff will check your eligibility for Office of Hearing Services Program and process your application within a few minutes.

At this time we can also arrange your hearing test appointment at a date and time convenient to you.

Step 3

See your GP to have them complete the OHS+Medical+Certificate+Form. This form needs to be brought to your first hearing test appointment. We can post or email a copy out to you or your GP as required.

Step 4

At your hearing appointment, our audiologist will do a full hearing assessment and discuss your results.  If prescription of hearing aids is required, they will discuss options available to you for fully funded (subsided) hearing aids.  There is also the option to use subsidy to top-up to higher specification hearing aids if you wish.

Make an Appointment

Fully Funded Hearing Aids

You are entitled to a wide range of fully funded hearing aids, which means there is no cost to you. But, there are exceptions as some styles do incur a small fee.  Or, you have the option to use the government subsidy and combine it with your own ‘top-up’ payment to access hearing devices with more advanced technology and features.


At Totalcare Hearing, our audiologists are experienced across all range and models of hearing aids from leading manufacturers. Whether you need new hearing aids, or servicing of your current hearing aid, we can help you.


Latest hearing aid

U50 by Widex is the newest hearing aid with up to date technology available fully funded for pensioners and veterans.  Find out more here.

Rechargeable option. A range of hearing aids from leading brands are available as rechargeable hearing aids. This means no more fiddly battery changes, just place your hearing aid in the rechargeable kit overnight to recharge for a full days hearing.