Compatible with Widex EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aid only.


Widex TV-PLAY lets you enjoy outstanding TV sound through your EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids. TV PLAY is easy to set up, provides direct stereo streaming to your ears – and has discreet design with outstanding sound quality.

Hear it your way

Do you want to focus on what you are watching by excluding all other sounds than the TV sounds? Or do you want to have a conversation while watching TV? It is up to you.

With the easy-to-use Widex EVOKE APP*, you can balance the volume of the TV sound with ambient sounds and conversations – or choose just to hear the sound from the TV. You decide what you want to hear.

*Widex EVOKE APP available free on Apple and Android.


Custom Order:This product is custom ordered from the manufacturer. An additional delay of 3-5 day will occur in shipping this product when purchased individually.