Compatible with Widex hearing aids, including the new MOMENT range.


Widex TV-DEX is a user-friendly wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted, top quality TV or audio sound between recharges.

The main advantage of the Widex TV-DEX is its real-time high-quality stereo sound. You experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended – without annoying distortion or more importantly – echoes.

Another unique feature of the TV-DEX is the ‘Room Off’ function. This allows you to temporarily switch the hearing aid’s microphone off and hear the TV sound only – meaning you can enjoy your favourite TV programme without unnecessary background noise. Naturally, you can just as easily switch the ‘Room Off’ function off again if you prefer.

Widex TV-Dex contains the TV-Base and TV-Controller.


Custom Order:This product is custom ordered from the manufacturer. An additional delay of 3-5 day will occur in shipping this product when purchased individually.