Try Before you buy

At Totalcare Hearing, we offer you the opportunity to trial your custom programed hearing aids in your day-to-day life before you commit to purchase.

Hearing aid prescription is not the same for everyone. A brand of hearing aid or style that is suitable for a friend, may not be suitable to your hearing loss, ears or lifestyle. This is why it is important to seek advice, get a device that best suits your needs and have the ability to take it for a test drive in your home, club, cafe, restaurant, work, golf course, church, get togethers, etc – where ever it is you go during your week.

This is why we offer a two-week take home trial.  During the trial, you will come in for a follow up appointment after week one to discuss your progress and have setting refined.  You will then get a second week of trial before you need to decide on the outcome.

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