Hearing aid performance

The technology inside the hearing aid is what makes the difference. The more advanced and sophisticated the technology, the richer and more rewarding your hearing experience will be but it comes at a higher price.

Which Performance Level is Right for You

Hearing aid manufacturers generally have three-to-four performance levels across their range of hearing aid models.

The performance level chosen will depend on your hearing loss, your listening needs, your lifestyle and most importantly your budget.

  • Basic level, $1500 – $2500 per aid
  • Mid Level, $3000 – $4000 per aid
  • Top Level, $4000 – $5500k per aid

Environment Versus Performance Level

Below are examples of environments and situations different hearing aid performance levels best operate in. Our audiologist takes into consideration your lifestyle when recommending which hearing aid is best suited to your needs.

Basic level – Essential Mid level – Advanced Top Level – Premium
Designed for people who socialise once a week and mainly operate in quite environments. Designed for active lifestyles with frequent communication. Designed for active and social lifestyle, where speech needs to be enhanced in dynamic environments.
• One-on-One conversations
• Watching TV
• Movie theatres
• Phone
• In environment with moderate background noise such supermarkets, rest homes, small cafes
• One-on-One conversations
• Watching TV
• Lecture halls, movies
• Mobile Phone
• Small group conversations
• In loud, noisy environments such as shopping centres, small meetings and outdoors
• One-on-One conversations
• Watching TV
• Theatres, lectures and movies
• Mobile Phone
• Large group conversations and gatherings
• Busy Restaurant & Cafes
• Large Gatherings, Big Crowds
• Parties
• Work – indoor and outdoor
• In significantly loud, noisy environments such as shopping centres, presentations, lecture halls and outdoors