I would like to express my great delight with my new hearing aid from Totalcare Hearing, my audiologist was great to deal with right from the start. 1. My wife tells me I don’t shout as much which makes her very happy and my children are delighted too. 2. Clear group conversations, loving it, and would highly recommend the brilliant solution provided by your Siemens Pure Binax 7.

My hearing ability obviously started to decline several years ago, but as it was so gradual, I was not really aware that I was not hearing the full range of sounds with the same clarity as when I was younger. I have a moderate hearing loss and a hearing aid has rectified most of my hearing problems. Totalcare Hearing offered a two week trial. I was impressed and surprised to hear long lost sounds and conversation clearly.

I spent the two weeks getting used to “hearing things” and understanding what was being said on the television without having to guess and fill in the gaps. A bit of a novel experience and the sound is very clear over all frequencies and in group conversation. I also like the compact size of the hearing aids, and the unobtrusive speaker-in-ear.

Thank you very much for all the assistance given to me and it is very much appreciated.