Telehealth hearing aid TRIAL

Participants wanted for Tele Health Service Trial by 31st July.  $50 voucher for your time.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare in your home by means of remote telecommunications technology utilising the internet
along with a smartphone or smart tablet.

What is Telehealth Hearing Aid Service?

Telehealth Hearing Aid enables Audiologists to conduct appointments remotely in your home.

This is done by the Audiologist connecting to the Telehealth App on your smartphone/tablet via their computer in the clinic. The Audiologist can then monitor, report, adjust and fine tune programs and settings on your hearing aid to improve the outcome and experience in a real-life environment – your home!

Telehealth Hearing Aid Service can offer you greater convenience by eliminating travel and reducing the number of in-clinic
appointments throughout the prescription process.

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Participants Wanted for June to August Trial

We are seeking participants to trial either the Telehealth Hearing Aid Service OR our standard in-clinic service utilising the Phonak Marvel hearing aid.

We are looking for both existing hearing aid users and new hearing aid users. You can select which option is better suited to you, either the Telehealth or in-clinic service.

The trial will be conducted over a 5-week period with a survey to be completed at the end of the trial period.

The aim of this trial is to assess whether Telehealth Hearing Aid Services can deliver the same client outcomes as in-clinic hearing aid prescriptions.

$50 Voucher For You

All participants of the trial will receive a $50 Coles or Woolworths voucher as reimbursement towards cost you’ve incurred for travel.


Please use our Editable PDF Referral Form for referring any patients you feel will benefit from the Telehealth Service. In the ‘comments section’, note Telehealth.

If you prefer a hardcopy referral pad, please request this from your closest Totalcare Hearing clinic and we will post them out to you.


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