Telehealth remote care

Remote Care is a TeleHealth solution by Widex for their MOMENT and EVOKE technology range of hearing aids.

TeleHealth enabled hearing aid can be programmed and fine-tuned by our audiologist from our clinic, whilst you’re in the comfort and safety of your home. This means no need to visit our clinic.

The Widex Remote Care APP is available free for both Apple and Android devices.  The APP has audio and video capability, so you and the audiologist are able to talk and see each other, just as you would have in the clinic.

Step 1 – TeleHealth Consultation

Contact Us to request a TeleHealth discussion appointment. The audiologist on the phone consultation will discuss your hearing, your hearing needs and TeleHealth hearing aid options based on your hearing loss, preference and budget.

They will also advise what steps needs to be undertaken for a TeleHealth fitting and trial.

Step 2 – Remote Link Delivered

Your TeleHealth hearing aid and Remote Link™ will be delivered directly to your home.

The Remote Link™ is yours to keep and will be used each time you connect with the Audiologist via the Remote Care APP.

Step 3 – TeleHealth Remote Care Appointment

At your prearranged appointment time, the Audiologist will contact you on your phone/tablet via the WIDEX Remote Care APP. Wear the Remote Link™ around your neck and pair it to your Remote Care APP.

Now, the Audiologist can have full control of your hearing aids to program and fine tune settings to your preference. All, whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.