Industrial Hearing Loss (Work COVER)

Totalcare Hearing undertakes industrial hearing loss assessments and prescription of hearing aids under SIRA\iCare (previously referred to as Work Cover).

Have you Suffered from Industrial Hearing Loss?

In NSW, employees who have been affected with industrial hearing loss can receive FREE hearing health services and hearing aids.

Industrial hearing loss is the result of being exposed to loud, noisy sounds over a period of time while undertaking your job.

If you think you have suffered hearing loss due to your job, then you may be eligible for a FREE industrial hearing loss assessment. At this appointment our audiologist will:

  1. Undertake a work and hearing health history
  2. Perform a thorough audiological assessment
  3. Discuss your results and what service is available under SIRA\iCare
  4. Assist you with a SIRA*/iCare claim (previously referred to as Work Cover)

SIRA = State Insurance Regulatory Authority

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Hearing Aid Prescription

Hearing aid prescription is undertaken once your claim has been assessed by your employers insurance via SIRA\iCare.

Hearing aid update – every 5 years

If you have been fitted with hearing aids under Work Cover and they are five years old or more, you are eligible to update your hearing aids with the latest hearing technology available.

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