Hearing Aids

Many companies out there selling hearing aids online do so by spruiking “best price”. But at what cost? When Totalcare Hearing introduced hearing aids to their online shop, I made the decision not to be best on price. We know people need empathy, understanding, time, support, excellent service and most importantly – skilled Audiologist with extensive industry experience. This cannot be achieved by being best on price, as it means cutting cost and corners on the service we offer you – our client. We may not offer the lowest price, but our prices are still very competitive. We guarantee you will get the best value, trust and audiological advice and service from my team than anywhere in Sydney. Getting hearing aids is a team effort between yourself and us. Hearing aids require fine tuning, there is annual reviews, check-ups, servicing and repairs and management of your hearing – we are here for the long term, not just a quick sale. ~ Michael

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