WIDEX MAGNIFY 110 Essential mRIC RD Rechargeable


WIDEX MAGNIFY™ 110 is an Essential level hearing aid with basic features, functionality and technology offering good sound quality for a low-budget device.

New, MAGNIFY launched May 2021 and the best and smallest pensioner hearing aid on the market!


  • Rechargeable, 35-40 hours battery life
  • Smallest rechargeable device on market
  • Direct audio streaming between hearing aid and Apple device
  • Android streaming with COM-DEX accessory
  • Two rechargeable case option


WIDEX MAGNIFY™ is Widex’s new (launched May 2021) affordable product family and one of the best entry level, rechargeable hearing aid for anyone looking for a low-budget device.

MAGNIFY includes this mRIC R D model which is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid on the market.

WIDEX MAGNIFY™ makes recharging simple and easy. A wireless charging solution means no battery door, and thereby fewer gaps for moisture to enter through. Also, key areas of the hearing aid have been treated with an advanced water-resistant nano coating to reduce the risk of moisture damage.

Smart APP

The MAGNIFY APP is designed to give you the convenience of remotely controlling your hearing aids through an Android or Apple device.

The MAGNIFY APP covers key functions like changing programs, volume control and more.


Easily stream phone calls and other sounds directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids.  Android phones requires COM-DEX accessory to stream from the phone.

Rechargeable Battery & Charging Case (excluded)

WIDEX MAGNIFY™ mRIC RD has two different rechargeable case options.

1. Battery Charger – slim, simple charger that charges hearing aids in 3-4 hours and doubles as a carry case for your hearing aids.

2. Widex Charge and Clean – all-in-one UV-C cleaning, sanitising and charging device. 30 min super charge and doubles as carry case.

Charger case MUST BE PURCHASED separately, not included with government top-up hearing aid purchase.

Remote Link –  TeleHealth only

Remote Link device is utilised for TeleHealth to connect your TeleHealth hearing aid to the Widex Remote Care APP on your phone/tablet.  The connection then allows the audiologist to program and fine tune settings on your hearing aid, all whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.




Additional information


Deep Blue, Tech Black, Titanium Grey, Silver Grey, Pearl White, Dark Cherry, Chestnut Brown, Autumn Beige, Golden Brown, Honey Blonde, Mediterranean Turquoise, Shocking Pink, Sporty Red

H/Aid for

Left and Right ear – Increase Qty to 2, Left ear only, Right ear only

Fitting Type

TeleHealth – Shipped directly to me, In-Clinic


Hearing Aid Purchase Includes
  • Hearing aid trial
  • 30 day return and refund period - no questions asked
  • 1-year audiological service, support and counselling in-clinic or TeleHealth
  • 1-year free supply of wax guards, domes and cleaning kit
  • 1-year free supply of batteries (non-rechargeable)
  • 36 months' manufacturer's warranty on hearing aids
  • 12 months' manufacturer's warranty on rechargeable accessories/batteries

Performance Level

Designed for active and social lifestyle, where speech needs to be enhanced in dynamic environments
One-on-One conversations
Watching TV
Theatres, lectures and movies
Mobile phone
Small group conversations
Busy restaurants
Large gatherings | Big crowds
In significantly challenging, noisy environments such as shopping centres and outdoors.
Designed for active lifestyles with frequent communication.
One-on-One conversations
Watching TV
Theatres, lectures and movies
Mobile Phone
Small group conversations
In moderate, noisy environments such as cafes.
Designed for people who socialise once a week and mainly operate in quiet environments.
One-on-One conversations
Watching TV
In environments with mild background noise.
Entry Level
Designed for people with quiet lifestyle.
One-on-One conversations
Watching TV
In environments with no background noise