Unique 50 – Sophisticated hearing aid for pensioners

The UNIQUE 50 (U50) is designed to offer the highest technology at an affordable price for pensioners and DVA. Some of the Unique 50 styles are fully funded under the government program.

It has superb sound processing with the widest dynamic range in its class, giving clarity of speech in any environment. With wireless technology for streaming and connecting to your phone, smart tablet and TV, plus a rechargeable options, the UNIQUE 50 is a truly sophisticated hearing aid.

Features of the Unique 50

  • Stream phone call and sounds from your mobile phone and tablet
  • Wireless connectivity so you can connect to a TV DEX* for streaming the TV directly to your hearing aid. You can then control and set the volume that suits you.
  • Speech Detector algorithm focuses on actively identifying the vowels and consonants you need to hear in challenging listening situations.
  • Captures more sounds than any other hearing aid. This means you can hear soft sounds such as grandchildren whispering and loud sounds such as groups singing happy birthday, all without distortion.

Unique 50 Styles and Colours available