Hearing Aid Fire Sale – Lowest Price anywhere

At times we over order, therefore any extra stock will be advertised here at an extra discounted price.  But you will need to hurry, as these don’t last long at the price advertised!

  • All sold as a pair only and in the colour advertised below

  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

  • Fitting appointment and follow up services included

  • One year supply of batteries

  • Available from any of our clinics


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Siemens Signia Pure Primax 7, Beige – $5,500 pair (SAVE $4,500) – Best price anywhere!

  • Premium, top level and latest Signia technology
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Proven to restore hearing in background noise situations
  • TouchControl feature with any smart phone
  • 48 Channel directional microphone


Widex Dream 100 Passion, Tan Silk – $1,000 pair (SAVE $1,000)

  • Basic, entry level
  • Discreet, RIC style, size 10 battery